Moonlight Entertainment uses only brand
new, state-of-the-art sound equipment.
Our professional grade equipment is built
to deliver the very best sound quality
while standing up to the rigors of the
mobile disc jockey industry:

  • Numark Mixdeck Express Digital
  • Mackie SRM-550 Powered Speakers
  • Rane, Stanton and Numark Mixers
  • Sony Mini-Disc Players:  
  • Shure SM-58 Microphones

We bring backups for every sound
component in our system - just in case
the unforeseen happens.  Our DJ systems
come complete with par can and special
effect lighting.

Our music library has well over 30,000
titles - and it is growing daily. Our
selections range  from the 1930s to
today's most popular songs, all in a
digital format.  

We own all of our music - no illegal
downloading here!
"Jim is the best! He caters to
everyone and has an
extremely pleasant manner
& personality. Can't imagine
what our Christmas party
would be without him! Keep
up the good work Jim - we
love you!"
Joan Chagnon
Infineon Technologies
Sunset Ballroom
Comfort Suites
"Jim is the best DJ I have ever experienced. Not only was he
wonderful through the whole planning process, but he set the tone
for our reception to make it perfect. He made sure we got
everything we wanted for the evening. Thank you so much Jim!"
Kacie Badger
Sunset Ballroom
Comfort Suites
Jim Provost, DJ / Owner
Moonlight Entertainment DJ
11-101 Green Field Way
Milton, VT  05468
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